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B. Milton Hyde

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B. Milton Hyde is a native of Charlottesville, Virginia and currently resides in Southwest Virginia with his family. He is a proud alumnus of both Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona and Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. "Behold A Pale Horse: The Legend of the Pale Rider" is his debut novel.

Behold a Pale Horse: The Legend of the Pale Rider Part I

November 30, 2021

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him” (Revelations 6:8, KJV).
One man would blaze such a path of death and destruction across the western frontier that he would be forever associated with this passage.  Disowned by his family, betrayed by his commanding officer, and framed for atrocities he did not commit, he was branded a murderer and a traitor.   Living life on the run, forced to kill those who would take his freedom and his life, he nevertheless fought to defend, and sometimes avenge, those who could not do so themselves.  Labeled a monster by most, he was considered a hero by some.    In time his name would be lost to history, but he would live on in legend, known only as the Pale Rider.  This is how his story begins.

Behold a Pale Horse_Cover.jpg

Excellent! Wish I could give it more stars!

January 9, 2022

Format : Paperback

Hands down one of my favorite recent reads, and I read a lot!

This is a beautifully written, historically accurate start to a series that I can’t wait to read the subsequent stories. I was immediately invested in the plot and characters from the first chapter.

The detail with which the characters and surrounding landscapes and storylines are written was stunning. Almost like a movie playing in my head while watching. I could literally SEE the characters and surroundings.

The story kept me turning the pages until the very end and begging the author for book two soon! An easy read, but one with depth and character that you don’t want to miss. Do yourself a favor and get this book today!

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